Aug '09

Help Me Get to SxSW –
Panel Voting is Open

As most of the SxSW junkies know, voting opened yesterday on the SxSW site. Of course, as a sponsor of SxSW Interactive, I’ve had the pleasure of attending the conference for the last several years. This year, not only will Adobe be there in our sponsor role, we’ve also submitted a number of individual panels. I, in particular, have two panels in the running:

Pssst! New Secrets Revealed For Adobe Flash – Thought you knew everything about Adobe Flash? Think again, because you will be amazed at some of the ways to increase your productivity and get beyond the basics. You’ll learn some secret tips and trick about the latest version of Adobe Flash CS4 Professional. Vote for this session.

Modern Solutions For Old Problems In Browser Testing – Learn the latest solutions for simplifying cross-browser testing, from time-tested CSS best practices to online services. See how to test websites on popular browsers and operating systems and get tips on how to quickly pinpoint issues. Vote for this session.

I would appreciate your vote (and you should vote even if you’re not going to attend).

Also, a number of my colleagues have also submitted topics and I’m sure that they too would appreciate your vote:

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