Nov '09

MAX sneak of “Rome”

I just received the latest issue of Web Designer magazine, which includes a write-up of the many announcements and festivities that went on during the recent Adobe MAX conference in Los Angeles. If you were there, or have ever attended MAX, you know that the most anticipated event every year is known as “Sneaks”, in which Adobe engineers, product managers and evangelists get to show off technologies and projects which “may or may not ever make their way into a current or future product”.

This year, I had the pleasure of showing off an experimental project codenamed “Rome”. I’ve received literally hundreds of questions about Rome since that 5 minute demo. And, although I would love to tell you more, unfortunately at this time, my lips must remain sealed. However, for those that missed it, someone took the “liberty” of filming my presentation and posting it to YouTube. So, since it’s on the web, I thought I would help my readers out by linking directly to it. :-)

Now, just don’t ask me if/when/where/how you can get more information about Rome, ‘cuz I can’t tell you. But if you were excited by the demonstration, have thoughts about the “possible” product, feel free to leave a message or send me an email.