May '10

In defense of Flash(blockers)

Over the past couple of weeks, I have really resisted weighing in on the Flash vs HTML5 pissing match that has preoccupied the blogosphere. As an Adobe employee, I obviously felt the tug to defend my company’s product and perhaps even echo Lee’s sentiment. But as an advocate of the “standards-based” web – having spent the majority of my career building HTML authoring tools and evangelizing the power of HTML/CSS/Javascript, I have been enjoying seeing the industry really begin to discuss “what’s next”.

Anyone who knows me (even internally at Adobe), also knows that I am the first person to tell you NOT to build an all Flash site – and don’t use Flash to build your site navigation – or your contact form for that matter. You see, I lived through the stupidity of the “Skip Intro” era – and spent countless hours (more…)