Apr '12

Making Awesomeness*

15 years. Yep, that’s a long time. In fact, it’s so long that it’s hard to remember “not” working for Adobe. But as of May 4th, I will be leaving the “big red A” to set off on a new adventure. I’ve accepted an offer to join Stremor, a start-up here in Phoenix as their VP of User Experience Engineering. In addition to making coffee, putting Ikea furniture together, and other typical start-up jobs, I will be putting my HTML5/CSS3/JS chops on the line building a real product! Sadly, I can’t tell you “what” it is yet – that’s all still hush, hush – but I can tell you that it’s so amazing, we’ve already got patents pending! Oh, and we’re also looking for great developers!

As I began debating whether to make the move, I got pretty sentimental about the last 15 years – so much so, that I almost chose not to go. Thanks to GoLive/Macromedia/Adobe, I’ve gotten to help build tools that literally have changed the (web) world. I’ve also had the good fortune to travel around the world more times than I can count and accumulated frequent flyer miles and hotel points that will take years to use up. And along the way, I also got to meet and work with some truly amazing people, including my incredible wife, Stephanie Rewis. (more…)