Jul '09

Yet Another Forgotten Dreamweaver Feature – The Site Root Button

Continuing down the road of forgotten or overlooked features in Dreamweaver, have you ever gone to save a file, and due to the fact that you’d been navigating around your harddrive in a previous dialog, Dreamweaver suddenly seems to have “forgotten” where your site is? It happens to me all the time – in fact, it just happened again, so I thought I’d share one of those little nuggets that make you say, “OMG! I can’t believe I never noticed that before!”. It’s called the Site Root button. And the worst (ok, actually it’s the best) thing about it is that it’s been right under your nose in the Save dialog. (more…)

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Jul '09

Forgotten Dreamweaver Feature #114 – The QTE

It’s funny in some really sad way that, over the years, Dreamweaver has added soooo many features that you can’t help but forget one every now and then. And then, when you rediscover it, it’s like bumping into a long lost friend on the street! Such was the case recently as I was working on a piece of a page that was going to need a number of “wrappers” to get the effect just right.

Obviously most DW users would simply head for the source code, type the opening <div> tag (in this case), and then type the closing </div> tag in its proper place. While this doesn’t seem all too complicated, we’re often confronted with needing to wrap multiple, nested elements and finding the “right spot” to put the closing tag gets tedious. That’s when the woefully forgotten Quick Tag Editor comes in! (more…)