Apr '10

Hello, Creative Suite 5!

What an amazing couple of weeks! Less than two weeks ago, we announced Creative Suite 5. Of course, you know it was coming – unless you were living under a rock – because we were sneaking videos of myself and my fellow evangelists running all over the planet talking about “something”. It was an amazing press tour – but more fun than talking to the press, was seeing the reaction of our customers that got to see it before anyone else. Naturally, there were a few bumps in the road – including some curious decisions and outbursts of a certain fruit company – but now it’s here!

Creative Suite 5 is shipping!!!

So let’s get this thing cranked up…!

Watching someone install software is even less exciting than watching paint dry – but for any of you who suffered (and there are millions of you out there) through the uninstall/install process of previous versions of Creative Suite,  you can already see that Creative Suite 5 changes the game. (BTW, I would have put that video up as HTML5 video – it’s encoded as H.264 – but then I would also have to encode it into Ogg Theora to be fair AND THEN, I would still have to put it up with a Flash wrapper for the IE crowd… so… I encoded and uploaded once, and delivered in Flash. Guess those of you on the iDevices won’t be able to see it – sorry…)

Now it’s your turn – download the trial or buy/upgrade now – and let us hear from you! After all, we make Creative Suite for you.


Apr '10

Creative Suite 5 – this changes everything!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that it’s time for a new version of Adobe Creative Suite. And I can tell you that I am incredibly excited by CS5 – it is by far the biggest release of the suite, and packed with over 250 major features, spread across 13 products. If you missed the launch event, you can still see it on the Adobe web site.

For the products that I deal with the most, namely Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash and Photoshop, this release really changes the game. As you probably know, I have been involved with every version of Dreamweaver since version 2 (yes, I know that makes me really old). And every time we release a new version, there is always talk of “the best version ever”. This time around is no different – but I mean it… really, I do! And judging from the comments on Twitter during the launch event, the community seems to be blown away as well. (more…)

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Apr '10

Announcing the 12 Days of CS5

Over the past several days, the excitement surrounding our “announcement” that CS5 is coming has really been amazing. The Twittersphere has been a-buzz with people asking when CS5 will be released, what’s new in their favorite product, what’s it going to cost and a multitude of other questions, hopes, suggestions and general comments. My favorite question making the rounds right now is whether or not the videos of Content Aware Fill, which the Photoshop team has posted on Facebook, is in fact real. Well, I can definitely confirm that it IS real – and I even got to sneak it to a few people at SxSW. If you are on Twitter, have a look at the #CS5 hashtag to follow the conversation. If you are a Facebook’er, check out our many fan pages to join in the discussion around your favorite product. (more…)