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Announcing the 12 Days of CS5

Over the past several days, the excitement surrounding our “announcement” that CS5 is coming has really been amazing. The Twittersphere has been a-buzz with people asking when CS5 will be released, what’s new in their favorite product, what’s it going to cost and a multitude of other questions, hopes, suggestions and general comments. My favorite question making the rounds right now is whether or not the videos of Content Aware Fill, which the Photoshop team has posted on Facebook, is in fact real. Well, I can definitely confirm that it IS real – and I even got to sneak it to a few people at SxSW. If you are on Twitter, have a look at the #CS5 hashtag to follow the conversation. If you are a Facebook’er, check out our many fan pages to join in the discussion around your favorite product.

Now, while I would like to provide you with all the answers to all of your questions, I can’t – at least, not just yet. You will have to wait until April 12th and our official Launch Event. But that is still 12 days away – so… in order to make the pain even more unbearable, we came up with an idea.

Starting today, April 1st, and continuing every day up to April 12th, we have decided to give away a copy of Creative Suite 5 to one lucky (and quick) individual. We have chosen our friends at Gowalla to help us with this. Here’s how it works - at some random point during the morning,  we will start to hint where the copy will be placed. At noon that day, a copy of CS5 will be “placed” in a top secret location. If you have guessed right, you will be at that location and will check in via Gowalla to see the item, if its not already claimed by a quicker clicker, its yours.

The first person to log into Gowalla after the item is dropped, will be notified that they have “found a virtual copy of Creative Suite 5″ that can be redeemed for a real version by adding the item to their Gowalla collection. The winner will get to choose whether they want Design, Web or Production Premium. See the Terms and Conditions here.

It’s that simple. So grab your running shoes – the first copy of Creative Suite 5 will “appear” some time today… Good Luck!


46 Responses to “Announcing the 12 Days of CS5”

  1. Michel Says:

    Pity this “running copy” of CS5 won’t probably visit Sofia, Bulgaria… :-(

    Otherwise, great idea!! :)))

  2. Chris Says:

    nor Tuscaloosa, AL :(

  3. Yoosuf Says:

    i am in Sri Lanka :(

  4. Ain Says:

    Yes, agreed with Michel above, it’s not the most inclusive campaign. People are looking forward to Creative Suite all over the place.

  5. Katie Mackenzie Says:

    Thank you for this oppertunity xx

  6. Maximuz Says:

    too far from chile… i guess

    anyways… nice idea…

  7. Jay moretti Says:

    Will any of these be coming to sao paulo, brasil?

  8. Greg Says:

    We are also dropping these in places other than the United States – so, you never know!

  9. Jorge Says:

    What about Puerto Rico??

  10. Mark Hewitt Says:

    Would love a copy of CS5

  11. Ramy Says:

    I have a feeling this is an April fools joke. loooool

  12. Kenahn Says:

    So where exactly will these hints be posted?

  13. Hicore Says:

    Hope will drop it to germany ;-)

  14. Craig Newman Says:

    I wana win CS5!!

  15. Michel Says:

    Well, we’ll see… :)

    I think yesterday I heard something about the Atlantic Ocean… pretty far away from my place ;)

  16. Ron W Says:

    Europe is a huge market for Adobe, dont forget about us! Munich Germany needs CS5, pleeeaassee

  17. Ahmed Sabry Says:

    Hope that I can write and edit Arabic Text in flash CS5 and It supports running smoothly on Macbook pro 2.26

  18. Antonio Says:

    It will be great to visit Bulgaria. We are big fans there.

  19. Bill Says:

    Yikes, I was just on my way to buy CS4 online. Now I might just have to wait a couple of weeks to get my work done.

  20. Tomas Says:

    And other places than capitals? I don’t think so.
    it’s a pity i dont live in madrid.

  21. Bryan Says:

    Where do you gets the hints to start looking for the virtual copy?

  22. Kevin Murphy DAV Says:

    Boy this would really help a disabled vet like my self in my continuing education see as how I have two web classes coming up next month.
    And can’t affored to by this program

  23. George Says:

    Fingers crossed for a Melbourne Australia based clue :)

  24. joe Says:

    Go here, do this, log on there, check this, clue here, noon who’s time?, clue there, not available?, excluded countries?… Shhesss, the list goes on.

    This should have been made easier, more accessible, and GLOBAL !!! Lost opportunity.

  25. Alcides Gutierrez Says:

    Blue Bottle. Man. Reminds me I need to pick up some beans while I’m there today. I’m on a Versa so I can get this cool widget, but you guys can always visit me at Safeway by Japantown. :)

  26. Pearl Says:

    Come to Toronto, Canada please! :)

  27. Jamie Kolb Says:

    Would love to win a copy of cs5, what must I do I own cs4 web premium

  28. Sharon Says:

    Only old people come to Port Charlotte, FL. thanks anyway

  29. Gratis versioner av CS5 | Says:

    [...] Bloggen Assorted Garbage, som drivs av Adobeevangelisten Greg Rewis, använder positionerings/speltjänsten Gowalla för att dela ut lite gratislicenser av CS5. [...]

  30. Marcus Says:

    Since the promotion is only open for US, Canada, UK and Germany i doubt they will show up in Bulgaria. :/

    I wish they could have posted that on the first page, would have saved me alot of time, registering and installing Gowalla.

  31. cgv Says:

    Any other way to enter to win – other than using Gowalla? Seems very cool – but don’t have any of those devices.

  32. Michael Says:

    It won’t, because in Terms and Conditions only USA, Candada, Germany and UK residents can participate. So it will not be dropped in other countries. Sorry

  33. Bobby Taylor Says:

    I am looking forward to when I can get CS5

  34. Marcelo Says:

    I live in Montevideo Uruguay please place one here (jejeje), it makes my odds that much better. Looking forward to CS5.



  35. Dave Says:

    Why do I have to log into a service I don’t use for this contest?

  36. Bob Trotter Says:

    Well if you need someone to drop a copy in Peterborough, England Id be more than happy to help! Now if it went missing on the way ….. :D

    Also as I help peeps learn Ps Ive got to keep my old copies installed in case they need help on older copies.
    Will CS5 be able to be installed with orher copies and not interfere with each other??

  37. Jerri Says:

    So, since you’re using Gowalla, we have to be PHYSICALLY in the location where the CS5 copy is placed? If so, that’s kind of a bummer.

    If not, any hints on how to check in on Gowalla if you’re not in that physical location?

  38. Oscar Says:

    Theres any chance of winning in Colombia South America

  39. Max Tsukino Says:

    “The Promotion is open to legal residents of the United States, Canada (excluding the Province of Quebec), United Kingdom and Germany”

    pffft… =P

  40. joe Says:

    Unfortunately Flash CS5 is banned from compiling to iPhone so I don’t need CS5 anymore I’ll stick with what I have.

  41. malle Says:

    I cant wait until I get My CS5

  42. Greg Says:

    Yes, the new TLF supports Arabic!

  43. Herrin der Ringe Says:

    I really have to admit to joe… with being banned from iPhone I don´t need CS5 anymore… by the way… cool blog ;) just found it.

  44. Greg Says:

    Too bad, because there is a lot more to CS5 than just the iThingy export. ;-)

  45. MPU Says:

    I am loving CS5, there are a lot of new things there.

  46. Trauring Says:

    CS5 – I am loving it! Great blog! just found it

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