Apr '10

Hello, Creative Suite 5!

What an amazing couple of weeks! Less than two weeks ago, we announced Creative Suite 5. Of course, you know it was coming – unless you were living under a rock – because we were sneaking videos of myself and my fellow evangelists running all over the planet talking about “something”. It was an amazing press tour – but more fun than talking to the press, was seeing the reaction of our customers that got to see it before anyone else. Naturally, there were a few bumps in the road – including some curious decisions and outbursts of a certain fruit company – but now it’s here!

Creative Suite 5 is shipping!!!

So let’s get this thing cranked up…!

Watching someone install software is even less exciting than watching paint dry – but for any of you who suffered (and there are millions of you out there) through the uninstall/install process of previous versions of Creative Suite,  you can already see that Creative Suite 5 changes the game. (BTW, I would have put that video up as HTML5 video – it’s encoded as H.264 – but then I would also have to encode it into Ogg Theora to be fair AND THEN, I would still have to put it up with a Flash wrapper for the IE crowd… so… I encoded and uploaded once, and delivered in Flash. Guess those of you on the iDevices won’t be able to see it – sorry…)

Now it’s your turn – download the trial or buy/upgrade now – and let us hear from you! After all, we make Creative Suite for you.


3 Responses to “Hello, Creative Suite 5!”

  1. Ben Says:

    Awesome, can’t wait to install. Super excited about the being able to work on Drupal easier.

    I preorder my copy of CS5 last week and I can’t wait for it to get here! If I download a trial, could I use that for production if I am doing an upgrade?

  2. bunnyhero Says:

    the youtube video played fine on my iPhone, just so you know :)

  3. Greg Says:

    LOL! I couldn’t resist the dig – even though I really couldn’t put the video up as HTML 5 yet, because I haven’t updated my theme to the HTML 5 doctype. And that would only take a second – how sad is that?!

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