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Resolving “Android SDK failed to install” with Dreamweaver CS5.5

One of the biggest problems with linking to anything on the web is when the address of that file changes. Sadly, this happened recently with a file that was used by Dreamweaver CS5.5 to install the Android SDK via the Easy Install button on the Configure Application Framework dialog (Site > Mobile Applications > Configure Application Framework).

The Dreamweaver team has released instructions which you can find here:

Basically, you’ll need to replace the NativeAppCommon.js file located at [Dreamweaver Install Location]/Configuration/NativeAppFramework/. The entire process takes less than a minute to complete.

If you have already installed the Android Framework, you don’t “have” to do this, however you might want to go ahead and grab the updated file just in case you ever want to reinstall the framework with Dreamweaver’s Easy Install.


19 Responses to “Resolving “Android SDK failed to install” with Dreamweaver CS5.5”

  1. OrhanCan Says:

    this solution doesnt work, any directly setup Android SDK and get correct result? Certainly doesnt work…

  2. Android Applications Development Says:

    This is a major problem with Android and must be of great concern.

  3. Greg Says:

    Sorry to hear it is not working for you — I followed the instructions myself (deleted my original SDK install, replaced the Javascript file, made a new folder for the SDK, let Dreamweaver download and install). Everything worked perfectly.

  4. Greg Says:

    I think it is more a comment on “cloud computing”. Anytime something is stored on someone else’s computer, there is a potential for them to move it.

  5. Anri Says:

    Greg, GREAT THANKS! Your Html 5 speech at Moskow today is very exctitng!!! I’m happy, especially to hold your bussines card in my hand! Thanks a lot one more!
    Excuse I wrire here, there is no other place :)

  6. Anri Says:

    Oh! How many mistakes…

  7. Jack Says:

    Now it download the Android SDK till 99% and later give me a popup box saying: The Android SDK was not downloaded because there was no internet connection. Please connect to the internet and try again.”

    My PC is connect to the internet 24/7 and there was active internet at the moment dw was trying to download the file like it did get 99% of it :(

  8. Jack Says:

    turn out it was just the firewall blocking it :(

  9. Nikola Says:

    change in NativeAppCommon.js

    var g_androidSDKSourceURL_Win = “”;


    var g_androidSDKSourceURL_Win = “”;

  10. Todd Sanders Says:

    I was getting a build.xml error when trying to build an android app in dreamweaver, and installing the Dreamweaver 11.5.1 update fixed it :-)

  11. Luvigione Says:

    Sorry, I have maked the “Dreamweaver 11.5.1 update”
    I ave changed the line in “NativeAppCommon.js”
    but my DW not install the Android SDK,
    Helpme please!!!

  12. Vladan Says:

    I have maked the “Dreamweaver 11.5.1 update”

    but my DW not install the Android SDK,
    Helpme please!

  13. Fabio Says:

    I got same problem! I’ve installed the update, also I did like comment 09, and still not working. I have no clue whats happening.

  14. Kurt Says:

    I have not had success either although I was at DW 11.5.1 with build 5344 on my MacBook Air. I had previously installed Android SDK 2.2 and 2.3 with the eclipse Android SDK and AVD manager. First attempt I just pointed to that build. It allowed me to configure application framework, and establish my application settings with preexisting build. However after building the app for the emulator for over an hour I assumed it hung.

    I then tried to do the DW easy install but got the fatal error 90408. I made several attempts with no luck.

    My next step was to upgrade to Android 4.0 thinking perhaps I was at too early of a release in my initial exercise. After a bit of work I got my eclipse environment built with Android 4.0. I then pointed my DW mobile site to the Android SDK folder, recreated my settings and then did the build and launch for Android. This seemed to be working fine with encouraging messages generated along the way (like downloading Andoid??), however I eventually got the following (looking at the buildLog.log file from ant):

    Install file not specified.

    ‘ant install’ now requires the build target to be specified as well.

    /Users/kpschmidt/android-sdk-mac_x86/tools/ant/build.xml:1098: The following error occurred while executing this line:
    /Users/kpschmidt/android-sdk-mac_x86/tools/ant/build.xml:1141: No message

    I received this message occurs after ant successfully created the app and signed it

    [apkbuilder] Creating dw_android_ios_phonegap-debug-unaligned.apk and signing it with a debug key…

    so it seems to just be a step in the…

    Installing app into Android emulator

    The problem with these “easy installs” is that if something fails (like a link in the cloud changes) or an out of date ant build file, then you have no real way to debug the problem.

    Any suggestions to try to get DW working with phoneGap. Until hitting this roadblock about 24 hours ago I was quite impressed with what Adobe has done with the framework…

  15. Quinton Jones Says:

    Replace NativeAppCommon.js with what?

  16. Andrew Trice » Blog Archive » Building PhoneGap Applications With Dreamweaver Says:

    [...] If you run into issues with the Android SDK, first make sure that you are using the latest Dreamweaver SDK following the instructions at… [...]

  17. Andrew Trice Says:

    I was able to work around the “‘ant install’ now requires the build target” by modifying the build.xml within the generated PhoneGap project, and adding logic to include the missing dependencies for a debug build. Details at the bottom of the post here:

  18. Subs Says:

    I’m gettin error im win xp with

    log file

    set ANDROID_HOME=C:\android-sdk-windows
    set JAVA_HOME=C:\PROGRA~1\Adobe\ADOBED~2.5\JDK
    set PATH=%JAVA_HOME%\bin;%PATH%
    cd C:\DOCUME~1\SUBRAM~1\Desktop\COMCOM~1.MER
    C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe /u /c C:\PROGRA~1\Adobe\ADOBED~2.5\CONFIG~1\NATIVE~1\DWPHON~1\android\scripts\droidGap.bat “C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5\Configuration\NativeAppFramework\DWPhoneGap\android\PhoneGapApp” “meridien_mobile” 1.0 “C:\android-sdk-windows” 8

    CaERROR: Clone failed

  19. ak sharma Says:

    I changed the platform number to the corresponding AVD level number in the NativeAppCommon.js file and it WORKED!!!!

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