Jan '08

Tack, Stockholm! Tak Copenhagen!

Stephanie and Jason preparing their presentationsWell, week one of the Adobe Nordic Tour is now behind us. Jason Levine, Mike Downey, Serge Jespers, Stephanie Sullivan and I had some great crowds in Stockholm and Copenhagen for the “Unlocking Modern Web Workflows” and “To the Web, the Desktop and Beyond” seminars. Over 400 people turned up for each of the seminars. The audiences were really fun and engaged, and we had some great comments and questions during the breaks.

It’s always fun to see that web crowds around the world are all struggling with the same issues and challenges – and this is especially true within the area of CSS. Stephanie did a great job taking the audience through the use of the new CSS starter layouts in Dreamweaver CS3. It’s rather amazing to me that there are still people who’ve not experimented them – but we definitely know that there are 800 new believers that will be using them.

Me presenting in StockholmOne of the other highlights that got a lot of interest was the recently updated Spry Framework for AJAX – version 1.6. I’ve really been enjoying showing off this major step forward for Adobe’s AJAX support – no more getting beaten up at “standards” conferences when I show it. The best part is it’s ability to use HTML recordsets and unobtrusive Javascript! (And of course, there’s a whole chapter dedicated to using Spry in the upcoming book!)

This week we’ll be in Helsinki and Oslo – so if you’re in the area, we’d love to see you.


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  1. Mikkel Says:

    Hi Greg

    Thanks for a great day at Cinemaxx (Denmark). And a big thanks to Adobe Denmark for getting it all to work.

    I am a Coldfusion guy since CF 3.1, but when I heard that some of the Evangelists from Adobe came to town. I just had to attend the event. And wow some of the things were very very cool and some was nice to see again.

    And finally Coldfusion was mentioned (not much but a little), here in Denmark it is all .NET, php and J2EE. I have mentioned (when CF8 was released) to Ben Forta, Tim Buntle and Kristen Scholfield that they should try and do a Scandinavian Tour and present Coldfusion and Flex. I just hoped that some day they will come to little Denmark.

    Well, once again. Thanks for the show.

    - Mikkel

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