Jan '08

Hotel Wireless Networks

My apologies to all of the hotels in the world that really make an effort – however, tonight, I have suffered through 4 hours of net access ping-pong at the JW Marriott in San Francisco. You, Mr. Marriott, advertise wireless access in every room, and while I myself have had my wireless router go bonkers on occasion, a simple reset has corrected the problem. Why is it then that a modern hotel (and cudos to the JW Marriott – nice rooms, comfortable beds, central location, and really nice bathrooms with separate shower stalls) can’t figure out how to keep a wireless network up and running? When calling to the front desk, I was told on two occasions that they have not heard of any problems – the next call, however, routed me to their (outsourced) IT desk. A few moments later, it appeared to have solved the problem – only it was short lived. Finally at midnight, I’m surfing again – albeit I can’t get email from any of my Mac’s email programs – corporate email (via VMWare Fusion) or simple Apple Mail. Sigh… All the while, the internet connection appears to be once again stable. Hmm… </rant>

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  1. Joan Morris Says:

    Hi Greg, thanks for the great presentation on the Adobe Suite and what is coming up. It is not often I can sit through eight hours of the same person talking and remain interested. Thanks again for your insights. Joaan

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