Apr '09

Fast & Furious with CS4 – seriously!

Fast & FuriousWhether or not you like the movie, the website for the fourth Fast & Furious is way cool! Of course every movie has a microsite these days, but what makes this one even more special is that Creative Suite 4 was involved in the entire production of the site and ad banners, as well as the creation of the AIR-based desktop application and an iPhone application. Of course there’s tons of video on the site, that was treated by After Effects CS4 and encoded for delivery via Flash – and the new 3D capabilities in Flash Professional CS4 really shine in the site’s navigation. What I loved seeing most, though, is that the website was optimized for the iPhone using Dreamweaver CS4!

Of course, you’ve heard all of us from Adobe talking about the time-savings that CS4 users benefit from – and this project is a real testimonial to that. In fact, if you want to read more about the project and what products were used, we’ve just posted a case study on the Adobe web site.

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