Jun '08

Evangelist Found (finally)!

Wow, what a tough challenge! When my good friend John Schuman left the CSBU Evangelism team, I really didn’t think it would take so long to find a replacement – no offense to John! John’s incredible passion for Adobe products and their place in education has propelled him on to greater heights within Adobe, leaving a definite hole in my team. When I posted here that I was looking for a replacement, I found that there were many of you out there interested in the position. It’s a true honor to have received so many great and talented applicants. And, thankfully, I can finally announce the newest member of my team, Paul Burnett.

I first met Paul almost 10 years ago in Melbourne, Australia. Paul was working as a contractor for Macromedia at the time, and I was on my first of many tours to Australia and the APAC region. Paul had drawn the short straw and got to present with myself and a couple of other crazy Americans in a series of seminars, which unbeknown to us at the time would become a regular occurrence, leading to numerous tours throughout the APAC region.

Through the years, Paul has worked as a sales engineer and evangelist with Macromedia, and lead his own company MaD while continuing to provide services as a freelance evangelist for Adobe. During his independent years, Paul has been the creative and developer force behind numerous award-winning sites created with Macromedia/Adobe software. Paul recently joined the Adobe Australia team as a Business Development Manager.

Paul’s experience through the years has made him a master at Flash, Director, Dreamweaver and more recently Flash video, AJAX, Flex and AIR. With all that knowledge, experience and an incredible stage presence, Paul will be a welcome addition to the team. If you get the chance to experience one of Paul’s presentations in the future, I’m sure you’ll agree that his new title of Senior Worldwide Evangelist for Adobe’s Creative Solutions is aptly earned.

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