May '08

Am I Famous Now…?!

CMX SuiteIt’s truly funny how life on the web can twist and turn, bringing surprises at every click. And with each new social networking app, life on the web can quickly become as busy as the “real one”. But on occasion, an app really does stick and change the way that you experience life – both on and off the grid. For me, that app would have to be Twitter.

After initially laughing at the idea of answering the question “what are you doing right now”, Stephanie Sullivan, my co-author on Mastering CSS With Dreamweaver CS3, finally convinced me to give it a try. (She’s even written a blog post for Twitter noobs!) And I don’t mind telling you, I was definitely skeptical at first, but quickly warmed to the idea of sharing mundane and trivial details about my life, spent mostly on planes, in hotels or on a stage somewhere, with (sometimes) complete strangers. In return, my Twitter friends offer me a glimpse into their equally mundane and trivial doings.

Today, most of my colleagues that I travel with, and friends both old and new that I meet at conferences, seminars and trade shows can be seen pausing every so often, phone in hand, to text message the fact that they’ve just gotten in a cab, ordered a sandwich, or simply are still breathing, to the world at large. Laugh if you want, but the “Twitter check” has become as much a routine as the “email check” performed on a regular basis throughout the day and into the night.

And then, on a rare occasion, something truly extraordinary happens in the Twittersphere… and the rest becomes a part of internet history. I’m somehow tickled to be a part of it. Cheers!

P.S. A special thanks to Chris Flick for his amazing work and finally making me famous! :-) Chris, you are a truly gifted cartoonist – keep it up!


4 Responses to “Am I Famous Now…?!”

  1. Chris Flick Says:

    Greg, it was my pleasure adding this little gift to you and Stef. And I hope you two will love the original piece as much as you guys love the online version!



  2. Fabianv Says:

    I was just about to follow you when I realised I already do.. lol..

    Twitter is great, and you’re right it has become part of our everyday lives.

  3. Yani Says:

    I just found out that LA had an earthquake today through Twitter. I have many friends and family down there, and it was sort of a shock to find out about the quake via Twitter. Thank god for Twitter!

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