Apr '08

Evangelist Wanted – do you have what it takes?

Just wanted to give everyone out there a heads-up: my team, Creative Solutions Evangelism, has a job opening. I’m looking for a Worldwide Web Evangelist. Is it you? You can read more about the position by going to Adobe.com’s job listings section. The job listing is number: CC030836 – or just hit the search and type in “Evangelist”.

In a nutshell, I need someone who has an expert’s knowledge of Adobe’s web tools (Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash) as well as experience with Photoshop and Illustrator. You should have a solid foundation in these, but your focus will be on your skills with the Flash Authoring tool. Specifically, I’m interested in someone who knows the authoring tool like the back of their hand, from both a designer’s perspective, but also from a developer’s point of view, and knows the ins and outs of Actionscript 2/3 and has experience with Flash video. (How’s that for a run-on sentence?!) If you also know the Flash Media Server, even better!

Of course, as an Evangelist, you’ve got to have excellent presentation skills because you’ll be demo’ing these products around the world in front of small and large groups alike – at trade shows and seminars. You’ll also be regularly speaking at industry conferences where your knowledge will really be put to the test. In addition, you’ll be blogging, creating demos, and sharing your knowledge internally with the product teams as they create the next versions of our software.

I don’t care where you’re located – as long as you have a major airport within striking distance.

And I won’t lie to you, it’s a demanding job, as you’ll be on the road around the world 50+% of the time – but the reward is a highly visible position with great pay and excellent benefits in one of the best companies to work for in the world. If you think you have what it takes, leave a comment and let me know – or even better, apply for the job!


8 Responses to “Evangelist Wanted – do you have what it takes?”

  1. Dori Says:

    Well, damn! If you ever have a job like this one but needing JavaScript instead of Flash, PLEASE let me know…

  2. alex Says:

    working in adobe’s EMEA tech support in amsterdam, i hope desperately to be this person one day ;) – for now it’s studying, studying, studying … you’ll see me again!

  3. Richard T-J Says:

    Hi Greg,

    I’ve jumped onto cooljobs and applied. Whilst I live in Australia (we’ve met several times on your trips downunder), I’m near an International Airport, and I’m more than happy to travel. I don’t know if you were after a US based individual, and if so, I’m happy to consider relocation.

    … btw, congratulations on the engagement!


  4. Ruth Stryker Says:

    Yes! I have extensive experience demonstrating and using Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, etc. ActionScript is my favorite, and is the class I teach most often. Having enjoyed work/travel in over forty countries in the last fifteen years (many, many computer shows :)), I would love the opportunity to further spread the word!

  5. Terry Says:

    Damn – if only this position was available say, 10 years ago. ;-D Takes me back, Greg, takes me back…

  6. Dee Says:

    I applied too, although I am sure way too late. Dream job, no doubt for many of us. Thanks Greg.

  7. Russell Says:

    I just received a copy of the new book yesterday and it lead me to your blog. The book looks really good – nice work. I am not personally seeking a career change but I do know quite a few people that would qualify and do very well in this position. I will forward this onward.
    Look me up if you are in the ATL.
    Best, Russ

  8. Ron Says:

    I’m interested in becoming evangelist if the position(s) are still available, I actually mentioned it to you at the New Orleans Media Temple party. I took an “interesting” photo of you and Dave Shea, :)

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