Feb '08

Politics: An Interesting Idea

As a political junkie, I am surprised that I had not heard of a movement towards a more fair Presidential election. I happened across this story, reported by the AP, on Yahoo!. The interesting thing for me is, it’s logical – duh! Having lived in Europe for a large majority of my adult life, it was always “interesting” to try and explain the American political process to Europeans. This is especially true when it comes to the election of our President.

Of course we all remember the election of 2004 – and regardless of which side of the aisle one stands, it does seem somewhat “backwards” when we have one candidate winning the popular vote and yet still losing the election. It’s an interesting proposition and one that deserves some intense scrutiny.


2 Responses to “Politics: An Interesting Idea”

  1. Mike Downey Says:

    Nah, that just makes too much sense for our political system. :)

  2. Greg Says:

    Yeah… :-)
    About as much sense as the Super Delegates being able to decide who gets the nomination.

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