Feb '08

Adobe Masters Tour РK̦ln and Hamburg

Waiting On My Turn…Well, the German leg of the Adobe Masters Tour has come to a close. Jason, Rufus and I have had a blast. Yesterday over 250 Adobe fans braved the rain in Hamburg – while on Thursday, our Kölsch friends came out in strength, with 480 turning up to spend the afternoon with us.

The Köln Venue was PACKED!!Unfortunately, the gremlins really got a hold on us in Hamburg. Up to now (and really on every tour) the problems that we’ve encountered in venues have been really minor. But in Hamburg, during the set-up, of all things, the router in the theater decided to die. And, needless to say, it’s hard to show web sites when you don’t have a web connection. The AV and IT team at the theater really knocked themselves trying to track down the problem – and eventually they ended up running over to the local computer store to grab a new dsl router. Sadly, it took so long to solve the problem that our Hamburg friends did not get to see Rufus’ demonstration of Kuler or the Google 3D Warehouse plugin for Photoshop.

The Crowd in HamburgOh, we also received an “interesting” email from an attendee who was somewhat “insulted” that we use the title “evangelist”. He seems to feel that that title is reserved for church use only. Well, as you all hopefully know, we don’t mean to offend anyone with our job titles. However, the title of evangelist has been in use in the computer/software industry since Guy Kawasaki coined the use of the title while at Apple back in the 1980′s (remember those days, anyone?). Shortly after that time, every major computer maker and software company had to have an “evangelist”. And Webster’s defines an evangelist (in addition to the religious connotation) as a “zealous advocate of something”. Well, my friends, if there is one thing that everyone on my team is, then that’s “a zealous advocate” of Adobe technologies – in other words, we are truly evangelists! Prost!


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  1. Christian Lehmann Says:

    Hi Greg. Thank you for a great and informative show in cologne. I do have a little story about that evangelist “thing”. We decided that, since the term is (like you said) common in softwarebiz, to start a media-web-agency-project named “Die Evangelisten”. We wanted to talk about modern webdesign using CSS, web semantics, etc. with the philosophy of “showing the croud the right way to do it”. We knew that we would have to answer some questions about that, but never figured that people could feel insulted — but they were for sure! We received quite a few mails and phonecalls from people complaining about that name. As a result we had to put the project to rest — at least for now. It feels kind of strange when people start complaining when they should be asking for reasons instead. Best regards, Christian Lehmann

  2. Greg Says:

    Christian – yeah, it truly makes you shake your head at times… Sad, really…

  3. Rally Says:

    Hei Greg,

    the show in hamburg was great. Despite problems in the beginning you all made a good show. As I haven’t worked with your programs yet (well, I’m into photoshop, indesign, illu and bridge) I could follow easily. I hope I’ll have the possibility to work with Flash in the future. You simply were inspiring.
    Thanks a lot.

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