Jan '08

My Macworld Expo wishlist

It’s quite simple really – I don’t want a smaller MacBook Pro. I like my 17″ screen. Now, slimmer… well, who doesn’t want that? Although the current “obese” MBP  is fine. My wish would be longer battery life and, more importantly, more RAM and a larger hard drive. I just bought a 200 GB / 7200 rpm drive that I’m looking forward to installing – just after Steve announces an 8GB/400GB configuration… Sigh.

On the iPhone front, I’m holding out for a 3G version. I travel sooo much to Europe and Asia that having to suffer through a “20th century” network like Edge is just… well… painful. Of course if it supported Flash (being an Adobe evangelist, of course) would be enough justification. However, on that note, I watched Mike Downey misspell an email three/four times tonight – and that was just the flippin’ email address!! My Nokia e61i has been a solid and reliable phone/pda. And the fact that I KNOW what key I’m pressing makes it easy to (don’t tell the cops) sms while I’m driving. And for those that think that you shouldn’t be interacting with your phone while driving – well, I have a GPS unit that works with my phone. Hmmm… you HAVE TO interact with a GPS unit while driving… unless you’re in the 1% that actually pulls over and types in your destination.

iPod… well, mine works fine for what I use it for – listening to music. I have been known to watch the occasional video on it, but that is truly the exception. And doing that on my phone…?! Give me 96 hour battery life and I might be tempted – but those of us who live on the road live by the mantra of conserving your phone battery ’cause you never know when you’re gonna be stuck for hours on end with no way to charge.

For Apple’s third party developers (of which, we at Adobe are one), I want apps that make me more productive. Microsoft, I want… no I NEED a new version of Office – NOW!!! But I want it to have feature parity with its Windows counterpart. Entourage sucked. Outlook 2007 rocks on the PC, but it bums me out to have to continually launch VMWare Fusion just to check my email. I want a REAL email client on the Mac. I’ve tried Apple Mail, and it’s very “decent”. But the fact is, at Adobe, we are an Exchange client and without full, no holds barred, and no workaround access to my calendar, Mail just doesn’t cut the butter.

For the rest of the software community – amaze me! Give me apps that make me think “how could I have existed without this”.

Here’s looking for an exciting Macworld Expo 2008! Prost!!

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